Ikidz Coral - Mattress And Pillow Set of 2

Color: Orange
Size: Twin
Sale price$262.88


Sleep soundly knowing your kids do, too. This mattress provides the rest they need to navigate the day, from schooltime to playtime. No need to count sheep—memory foam and a support core keep your child comfortable as they drift off. A snuggly soft yet supportive pillow makes for sweet dreams.
Ikidz Coral - Coral - Twin Mattress And Pillow Set of 2
38.0"W x 74.5"D x 7.0"H - 10.67 lb
Ikidz Coral - Coral - Full Mattress And Pillow Set of 2
53.0"W x 74.5"D x 7.0"H - 14.46 lb

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