Hybrid 1200 - Mattress

Color: White
Size: Queen
Sale price$642.36


With this mattress, you have endless possibilities for restful sleep. Its power packed wrapped coils contour to your body for a comforting feel. High-density foam provides the support you love; charcoal-infused gel memory foam delivers moisture control to help eliminate odors and regulate body temperature. You're sure to wake up feeling refreshed and restored.
Hybrid 1200 - White - Twin Mattress
38.0"W x 74.5"D x 12.0"H - 55.12 lb
Hybrid 1200 - White - Full Mattress
53.0"W x 74.5"D x 12.0"H - 75.76 lb
Hybrid 1200 - White - Queen Mattress
60.0"W x 79.5"D x 12.0"H - 91.0 lb
Hybrid 1200 - White - King Mattress
76.0"W x 79.5"D x 12.0"H - 114.67 lb
Hybrid 1200 - White - California King Mattress
72.0"W x 83.5"D x 12.0"H - 114.1 lb
Hybrid 1200 - White - Twin Xl Mattress
38.0"W x 79.5"D x 12.0"H - 67.21 lb

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